Wednesday, December 30, 2015

How to Buy Bitcoin using Globe Gcash

Bitcoin is one of the cryptocurrency used by many today. In fact we now have Bitcoin ATM. The current value of 1 bitcoin on the time of posting is approx. 1 Bitcoin for Php 20,500.

Bitcoin is used online, and there are many online business uses this as their ecurrency.
In the Philippines bitcoin is used in this Global Community Aid - click to know more about it.

At you can buy bitcoin instantly using G-Cash and the video below will show you the step by step how.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Gcash Fund Transfer via BPI

Need to top-up your GCash wallet so you can shop online, pay bills and send money?

Transfer funds to your GCash wallet via BPI Express Mobile for only Php1.00.

To use this service, text ENROLL<space>JOINT ACCOUNT INDICATOR to 2274.

To transfer funds, dial *119# > BPI > GCASH TRANSFER then follow the steps.

You can transfer upto Php50,000/day.

More info visit

The Globe Community

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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Globe Gcash KYC Process Implementation

For secure mobile transactions, Gcash supports know your customer (KYC) process required by the Central Bank of the Philippines. KYC is a one time validation of a Gcash user's identity. By Feb. 4, 2013, sending of Gcash to your number, to another number, cash-in to your own number, and cash-out will be restricted if KYC is not done. To fully enjoy Gcash, just go to any Globe store and present one valid ID. For more info go to:

Monday, December 17, 2012

How to Register for GoUnli? Globe Unli Call and Text for 30 Days

GoUnli for 30 days! Experience the new GoUnli500! Features: 30 Days AllNet texts Ulimited Calls to Globe/TM + Free FB upto 10MB. Price: P500/30 days. To register: Text GoUnli500 to 8888, Maintain P1 load to continue service.

How to Pay Your Bills Using Gcash

New service from Globe Gcash. Easily pay your bills through our accredited Institutions via Gcash Mobile App without service fee. Simply download GCASh App, enter your GCASH MPIN, select PAY Bills then CATEGORY. Enter the AMOUNT and the ACCOUNT NUMBER of the INSTITUTION NAME you want to pay then select PAY BILL. Make sure you have enough balance in your GCASH wallet to proceed. For info, visit

Saturday, December 8, 2012

New Globe ITXTALL30 Promo

New ITXTALL30! Send upto 100 texts to any local or international network in 55 destinations for only P30 for 1 day. To register: Dial *143#, choose All-time Fave Promos, then Int'l Promos, and select ITXTALL30.